Game Drives

Our game drives take place in open 4 x 4 Land Rover safari vehicles which provide unobstructed visibility for bird, scenic and wildlife photography and general enjoyment of the view.

The Matusadonha National Park is home to four of the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo – and well off the beaten track. The chance of encountering other game drive vehicles is very slim and your sightings will not be shared with others. Our team of professional guides draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to spot wildlife in its natural environment as well as introducing you to the diverse habitats and natural features of the different areas.

Being on the vehicle allows you to explore and cover more ground in shorter time than you would on foot. If time with us is short and guests are avid outdoors enthusiasts.


Guided Bush walks

The best way to experience the bush up close and personal going places you cannot get to in a game drive vehicle.

You will find your senses heightened as you explore nearby riverine areas on foot. Walk through Mopane Forests and skirt the thick belts of Jesse Bush.

Guided walks could be tracking nocturnal visitors with the hopes of catching a glimpse of lion or leopard, elephant or buffalo on foot. Or a more personalised experience getting to know more about this spectacularly beautiful lakeshore area.



Whether it’s landscape or wildlife photography that is your passion you will find plenty of subject matter for those once in a lifetime shots.

Swimming elephants, lazing lions, a myriad of birds and smaller creatures from mongeese to dung beetles, crocodiles and hippos… With vast open skies, drowned forests fringing the shorelines and casting striking reflections on the water as the sun sets.

In the green season the bush is filled with every imaginable shade of green forming contrasts with blues and silvers.

The golden hour lights up the drowned forests, and the evening blue also creates breathtaking landscapes.



With the diverse habitats of the shoreline fringing the lake, the flood plains and forests, thick jesse and riverine areas we have a diversity of environments to support a great mix of birds.

From water, shoreline and land birds to raptors and eagles, with many migrant species of bird species we can boast of over 350 recorded species in the area.

We have a great mix of water, shoreline and land birds with many migrant species.

Being keen twitchers ourselves we have a list of common local birds available for you to keep records.


Boat Cruises

Close your eyes and imagine drifting slowly along the water with the sun setting in front of you – a cool drink in your hand and the warmth of Africa enveloping you.

You may meet a crocodile or a hippo coming up from underwater with a splash, watch elephants drinking and playing in the lake waters, Kudu graciously browsing… or just relax and enjoy the tranquillity as the sun sinks below the horizon.



Over the years the fish population of Lake Kariba has been the subject of much debate. From August to April the waters are warm and the legendary Tiger Fish challenges visiting fishermen. KITFT (Kariba Invitational Tiger Fishing Tournament) takes place every year in October.

Various species of Tilapia are found in the waters close to camp as well as Bottlenose and Cornish Jack. We keep a simple stock of rods and tackle at camp for anyone who would like to try a little fishing. More serious fishermen are asked to bring along their more specialised equipment.

The cooler winter months from May to July are not the best for serious fishermen.

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